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True Love Test Meter: Quiz!

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I love my bf he is so cute and loving ik my other was not the one i wanted but now when i met paul he was so much better and the bf i always wanted i am 14 and ik last time my other tryed to get me pregnant and my bf is still hurt and mad about what he try to do to me but i love my Bubba soooo much and ik i am online dater but soon we will both meet each other right now we both live far from each other he lives in texas and i live in montebello so we are pretty far but we both promsie we see each other soon sometimes we call but when he is busy i leave him alone and he gets sad bc he is like NO i want to be with you BABY lol we both call each others names like BABY OR BUBS OR BUBBA but he calls me BABY and when he wakes up he is ALWAYS the first one to say GOOD MORING baby lol but right now he is in the hosptal and I AM CRYING SO 😘 BAD i miss him so much the thing that 😘is i cant vist him he so far sometimes he is like always saying i wish i can HUG you or KISS you bc i say i wish i hug you bub but he is like ik ik but you will probably be annoyed bc he is a clingy bf but i HOPE HE IS OK I LOVE HIM soooo much he is my everything.

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