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Muslim visitor guide to Helsinki, Finland

Since when did Islam become a race? If Islam is spreading quietly and Muslims demand more in Europe and around the world then the fair thing would be to restore the Christian Byzantine city of Constantinople and the beautiful Church of Divine Wisdom a mosque now back to its former glory during the time of Emperor Justinian.

Finnish Muslims

In Finland, Muslim pupils are allowed to wear a head scarf in school, as are the female teachers.

Nigerian Muslims in Finland

" "Mosques do not contribute to radicalization.

Finnish Muslims

Finland is much more secular than Ireland and religion does not play such a prominent role in society.

Like Sweden, Finland has its Muslim

The city has over 315 islands and a coastline running over 60 miles.

Like Sweden, Finland has its Muslim

In Sweden Muslims started to build umbrella organisations in 1975 in order to get money.

Nigerian Muslims in Finland

In April 2011, , a Finnish Lutheran pastor, was "defrocked" after he was accused of inciting religious hatred for describing Doku Umarov, the man behind the Moscow metro and airport bombings, as a "terrorist.

Muslim in Finland Admits that 80% of All Muslim Women Have Been Raped

Now the media is focusing on Islam and Muslims here in a negative way by bringing up subjects as: - Divorce is in the hand of the man and the women can not get her complete rights and be free in Islam if she does not want to stay married to her husband… - Corporal punishment of children in homes because it is a crime in this country if you slap your children - Muslim families try to isolate their children from the society and not let them to participate in swimming hours boys and girls together and attending the music hours… - And whether Muslims would like to follow Islamic law or the law of the country.

Advice to the Muslims in Finland

And the Finnish authorities will no doubt roll over and take it up the backside just to keep the Muslims sweet! Media — In Ireland, the director of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland is usually asked to comment in the media on issues related to Muslims.

Muslim Immigration Transforms Finland :: Gatestone Institute

For every Madras Islamic teaching school opened a Christian Bible Institute is to be opened and children of locals required to attend an hour of class 5 days a week.

Muslim Immigrants in Finland

… It should be a priority of Islamic groups and political parties, especially those that are trying to establish an Islamic state, as we said, to preserve the identity of the Muslims who are living there.