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I didn't feel a thing with fingering: is there something wrong with me?

So, as long as you're both up for it, that will help you do it safely.

My boyfriend fingers me while i sleep, need some answers. : relationship_advice

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boyfriend fingers me im 12

At least not one who is almost 17.

Me and my bf really want to have sex. But when finger myself I can only fit one finger in my vagina. It's the same when my boyfriend fingers me. My boyfriend has a pretty big penis. But if I can only get one finger in there, how is a penis going to fit?

A male reader, , writes 10 October 2009 : You need to address your insecurity, not for his sake, but your own.

I didn't feel a thing with fingering: is there something wrong with me?

I really love him and we've been together for 6 months and he's been fingering me 4 5 months he fingers me every weekend and we see each other everyday at school and I'm at his house most days and my parents don't know about us when I sleep there on the weekends they thing I'm sleeping at my friend she lives next door to him please don't judge me Thanks x [ ] answered Wednesday December 12 2012, 8:12 am: There is nothing inherently wrong with you being fingered and, in fact, it is common and many, many women enjoy it.

Boyfriend wants me to finger him

but if you feel you are not ready, talk to him and make him understand that you are not ready yet.

It hurts so bad when my boyfriend trys to finger me...

And it doesn't hurt, but since your new to it you probably shouldn't let him use more than two fingers.

My boyfriend asked if he could finger me. Do guys actually like to finger girls?

Some people, especially younger people or older people who haven't grown up just may not be there yet, or sex for them may be so much more about their own personal validation, or need for approval than about shared pleasure.

boyfriend is 12 classic signs and what to do

When he first suggested on the first date! When you're sitting there making out and you're ready just unzip his pants and have at it, trust me he won't mind.

Am I bad for letting my sis boyfriend put his hand up my skirt

i dont know what do.

'My boyfriend tried to change me. Here's how.'

Tell the boyfriend he can finger your butt for 10 minutes after he rims it for 20.