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Vietnam [ ] Production, distribution, broadcasting, transport, import and advertisement of pornography, is strictly illegal in Vietnam.

Is all pornography banned in China?

On March 10, the SBI subpoenaed Windstream Communications for information from the Bostian Road address.

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The law says that "a person shall not produce, traffic in, publish, broadcast, procure, import, export, sell or abet any form of pornography".

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Monaco Legal Legal Legal Montenegro Legal Legal Legal including all territories Legal Legal Legal With imprisonment of at most one year or a fine of the fourth category is punished he who gives, offers or shows an image, an object or a data carrier, containing an image of which the display is considered harmful for persons under the age of sixteen, to a minor of whom he knows or should reasonably suspect that this person is under the age of sixteen.

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Sri Lanka Illegal Illegal Illegal• In the 1990s, when the truth of the atrocities began to be public, Lee began to tell her story and in 2000, she finally moved back to Korea where she lives in the House of Sharing, in the Gyeongigi province of South Korea.

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SINGAPORE - A youth who wanted to make the former boyfriend of an underage girl jealous had sex with her twice in one evening in public places.

Is all pornography banned in China?

Dilraba is often compared to Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun, as their characters in dramas share similar traits.

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United States [ ] Main article: In the United States, pornography is not unlawful at the federal level, but is subject to the , which was developed in the 1973 case.

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Importation into Ukraine for sale or distribution purposes, or making, transportation or other movement for the same purposes, or sale or distribution of pornographic images or other items, and also compelling others to participate in their making, shall be punishable by a fine of 50 to 100 tax-free minimum incomes, or arrest for a term up to six months, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years, with the forfeiture of pornographic images or other items and means of their making and distribution.

Chinese Teen Tortured by Fellow Students in California


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Pakistan also has cyber unit to curb within the country.